Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 of Lances' wall hanging boards...

Here are 2 boards I finished for my friend Lance for wall art. The first is made from brazilian cherry, red oak, purple heart, and yellow heart with blood wood and maple nose and tail blocks. The fin is made from 12 sheets of fiberglass cloth with a mahogany stringer running through it. The second board is made from 1/4 sawn red oak and black walnut w/ mahogany nose and tail blocks. The fin on this one is made from red oak and mahogany.
Enjoy Lance!
Also, check out charity foundation, it's Lances' families orginization dedicated to memory of his dad Chip. You can also follow them on Facebook HERE.


Work Email said...

They look sick! I love the look of 'em... keep up the great work!



knots said...

Good looking wood!