Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joe Lowenstein Fine Stained Glass Work/Banzai Pipeline

"Pipe Dream" by J. Lowenstein 2010

Joe contacted me a while back to help get his work out to more people. As an artist and a lover of art I of course said yes. His work is awesome, and pictures defiantly don't do it justice. I saw it during sun set @ Steve & Cookies Oyster Bar in Margate, NJ a few weeks ago. It is stunning. Finished in April after 7 months/500 hrs, he was trying to show one of the gigantic 50 ft. monsters that roll in over the north shore of Oahu in the winter. It measures 6' x 3', and has approx. 1500 pieces of German, French, and American style glass, plus several shades opf glue chip glass.

Asking price: $9500

Here's is Joe's bio...
I started out in the styained glass trade back in 1979. I was walking down Main ST. in New hope, Pa, when I came upon a stained glass shop. I walked insideand was looking out from the inside-this dude had an entire forest scene down 20 ft. on one wall and 30 ft. down the other one. He probably had 50,00 pieces of glass in this project. My jaw dropped, the guy came out of the back of the shop and asked me if he could help me, I said"how do you do this"? He laughed ,told me to come into his workshop and he'd show me. He showed me how to use the cutters, grozing pliers,etc. He said the best tyhing I could do was go to a hardware store at home and get some cheap window panel type glass, the 2 sets of pliers, and go home and practice cutting the glass. He sais I'd know very soon if this or not. If not-then I wouldn't have spent much cash. I did all this and within 10 min I knew I was HOOKED!!!!!. I strated making small suncatchers that you hang in front of the window on a string. Then I made afew larger things mirrors, jewel boxes, etc. By one yrs time, I was making full siuze panels for the neighbors. As time passed, I found I was getting all the work I could do by word of mouth referrals alone. I have many references that can be called,who can attest to my work. Thanks again- JOE

If you are interested in Joe's work please contact me, and please if you are in the area of Steve & Cookies in Margate, NJ stop in and see this for yourself.