Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy woodworking day...

White cedar alaia w/ red cedar and paulownia tailblock

Harry's paulownia arc tail alaia

Handplane #10 paulownia, red cedar & mahogany (sold)

Handplane #11, paulownia downrailed swallow tail (sold)

I spent most of yesterday working on some projects for clients and my Etsy shop.

The Alaia Raffle board (Being raffled off @ Yesterdays restaurant in Marmora, NJ on 4/9/10) has been cut out. I also cut the bottom concave in yesterday as well as planed out the bottom rails. This board is made from white cedar with a red cedar and paulownia tail block. For raffle tickets contact me @ .
Harry's Alaia has been skinned and is ready for the concave to be cut into the bottom.
Finally I made 2 new bodysurfing hand planes, one for a client and one for stock. The first is a slipper model made from paulownia with red cedar and mahogany stringers. The second is a downrail swallow tail model for Paul Aman. I'm coating both of these with a sanding sealer and a waterborne polyurethane. Once that is dry I'll add the straps.

more from the ding room...

As I've said before, I also fix surfboards. With surfboard technology constantly changing these days you need to step your game up. I got a friends buckled Firewire a few months back and have been researching how to fix it. The big thing was to get the cracked EPS back together. I had to inject 2/1 pour foam into the crack, cut back the extra, and then add an epoxy/ferring filler combo to take care of any extra bubbles. Then I sanded it back and wrapped it. Tomorrow I'll sand the wrap back and give it a final coat of epoxy. Then I'll do a final sand and paint it so you can't even tell.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New 3' boards in the works...

I've been working on some boards for clients lately. These are all around 3' , hand glued and shaped. The first 2 are for Lance and are going to be wall hangers. #3 is for a large sculpture and is once again inspired by Mike (Gnar Gnar) Black's Pig project. The 4th will be for a large sculpture also which will be placed in a local dentist office. # 2 & 3 will get glass chopstick fins that I am about to mount today. More pics to follow.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Evolution Surfboard Painting...

I love working w/ stencils and spray paint. There is something simple yet complex about it. Here is something I did on a board for the shop.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heritage Ocean City counter tops cont...

The counter tops are now coated and look insane!!! There is so much figuring in the African Mahogany. The shimmers of gold are my favorite.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heritage Ocean City counter tops

I've been working for the last month on building a new counter for Heritage Surf Shop in Ocean City, NJ. The base display cabinets are built out and now I'm working on the counter tops. This top is inspired by the floors I helped Jim Hyde of Old School Hardwood Floors install in Steve and Cookies by the Bay in Margate, NJ. It is reminiscent of an old boat deck. The African Mahogany and Maple set themselves off very cool. Here are shots of the tops before coating them.

Recycled crab pot buoy painting

Dia Lata was a Celtic water goddess. Here is the first example of my latest work on an old crab pot buoy I found in the bay while scavenging for driftwood for my sculptures.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harry's Alaia continued...

I finished out gluing up the tailblock to Harry's board. I added a few more pieces of wood too. Here is a pic of the tailblock glued up and the outline of the tail cut out.