Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Artisans de las Olas" Art Show...

I'll be @ the "Artisans De Las Olas" show at the Austin Surfboard Shop in Virginia Beach, Va on Feb 20th. The show will feature 5 surf artists from the east coast, and should be a lot of fun. Show hours are 6pm to 9pm. 21 to enter, any age to leave.
I'll be bringing sculptures and paintings featuring a surf related theme. I hope to see you there.

"The Duke" large surf sculpture

"The Duke"
This is a large surf sculpture that measures approx. 4' tall. The board is about 3' and made from red oak, mahogany, and yellow heart with a purple heart and maple fin. The base is made from a found cedar log with other various driftwoods attached. The shorts are hand sewn from a pair of the infamous DJ Bobby K's original shorts which ripped @ a surf contest a few years ago.
This sculpture is available. Please contact me for information and shipping prices.

Wall hanging LIS Fish tide clock...

This tide clock is modeled after a classic twin fin fish.
The board is glued up from 1/4 sawn red oak, with a black walnut and maple t-band. The fins are made from a maple and mahogany glue up.
For sale on my Etsy site HERE

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Custom Sculpture for Carla in PR...

"10 Over" for Carla

Carla Puerto Rico contacted me about a sculpture last week. I made a cool little sculpture base out of royal paulownia with a hand hammered copper wave. The board is made from 11 strips of glued up mahogany and yellow pine with a mahogany fin. It came out super cool.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Facebook fan page...

You can now follow my fan page on Facebook.


Swine for Gnar Gnar

Mike Black (aka Gnar Gnar) has inspired me to build a special dashboard rider. His site SURF A PIG has gotten me all riled up. Gnar Gnar's stoke on old pig style shapes has given me the inspiration to make a special HAM Model for his car or spaceship or what ever he is crusing around in these days. The board is glued up from santos mahogany, philipino mahogany, red cedar & white pine with a black walnut fin.
Check out Mike's blog here... SURF A PIG ... and check out the new prototype pig #2 Gene Cooper is finishing up.

Light as a...

"Light as a feather, stiff as a board"

Here is another kinetic sculpture I just finished. Light as a feather, stiff as a board is another sculpture inspired from my latest trip to Puerto Rico. The base is a paulownia red cedar, mahogany glue up. The board is made from 7 pieces of red oak and mahogany with a maple fin. There is a patina copper hand hammered wave with driftwood behind it.

5 in PR...

"5 in PR"
This is a sculpture I finished the other day inspired by some of the noserides I got @ Maria's while in PR. The base is a piece of paulownia. The hand hammered copper wave has a patina. The board is made from 7 strips of red oak and mahogany with a maple fin. I placed this one on a spring like the dashboard riders. The combination of the surfer on the spring and the flexible wave give this sculpture great kinetic movement.

Mystic 10 Surf Sculpture

"Mystic 10"

This sculpture is made from a cool piece of driftwood I found. I found myself sitting in the studio and dreaming of surfing this wavelike curl. You can't see them in the photos, but I love the stones the wood grew around.
The base is glued up maple and black walnut. The surfboard is red oak and mahogany.