Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy woodworking day...

White cedar alaia w/ red cedar and paulownia tailblock

Harry's paulownia arc tail alaia

Handplane #10 paulownia, red cedar & mahogany (sold)

Handplane #11, paulownia downrailed swallow tail (sold)

I spent most of yesterday working on some projects for clients and my Etsy shop.

The Alaia Raffle board (Being raffled off @ Yesterdays restaurant in Marmora, NJ on 4/9/10) has been cut out. I also cut the bottom concave in yesterday as well as planed out the bottom rails. This board is made from white cedar with a red cedar and paulownia tail block. For raffle tickets contact me @ .
Harry's Alaia has been skinned and is ready for the concave to be cut into the bottom.
Finally I made 2 new bodysurfing hand planes, one for a client and one for stock. The first is a slipper model made from paulownia with red cedar and mahogany stringers. The second is a downrail swallow tail model for Paul Aman. I'm coating both of these with a sanding sealer and a waterborne polyurethane. Once that is dry I'll add the straps.

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